Friday, December 21, 2012

Nickname Memories by Becca

Listening to my Bill Cosby  radio station (it plays comedy clips) on Pandora has brought a few memories to mind... I remember early morning seminary my sophomore year (or was it my junior?) year of high school. We were going through names. Brother ______(I forgot his name!) had asked me my name and asked me my name, and wrote it on the board for some reason. I said, quite seriously, "Oh! I'm sorry... It's not spelled like that (Becca)." Brother ____, "Oh, is there a K in it? K-A-H?"
""No, it's weird, but there's a silent Q. B-E-C-C-Q-U-A" He was a really gullible man, he apologized, "OH! Sorry." and believed me for about twenty minutes. Then I told him the truth. :)
It was prettttty funny. The funnier thing, is that the story spread, and from that day forward, I had people calling me Beccqua. I still have people who call and say, "Beccqua! How are you??"

I also remember talking with my friends Jeni, Andy and Michael. For some reason, this group of friends would regularly call me Becca Lynn. One day, they asked, "So.. What is your middle name?" I said, "It's Ann." "Hmm...Yeah. Lynn really just sounds better." So Becca Lynn it was. THEY still call me Becca Lynn too.

Funny memories. Seriously, I am so blessed to have had such splendid friends in my days.
...Especially my bff Jameson. :) He's pretty solid.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Well, We Try...

So Becca and I maybe missed a few months, that's fine! We're still married and that's all that matters. We no longer live in Hawaii, but now Pocatello. We swapped the palm tress for a few million sagebrush, and baby, it's never been more beautiful. Hawaii was amazing! Hard to describe living in Hawaii for three months other than that...amazing. However, Idaho is where it's all about! Living in different places around the world, has led me to that conclusion. And that's only for Becca and I; can't say Idaho is the same for everyone else.

First Day of School!

We both are attending Idaho State University. Yes, that's right, we're bengals. We might not beat you in basketball or football, but we'll kick your tooshy in a Cotton Eye Joe square-dance off any day of the week! Yep, I mean that song that was voted one of the worst songs ever by VH1. Becca is Music Education major, her instrument is voice. I am studying Business Management with the sights on medical school for now. Becca recently got a job at Cold Stone Creamery, and I am still looking. Our ward here is great, the Meadowbrook ward, Pocatello North stake. My brother Jake, his wife, Lacie, and their twin, Sofia and Lukas, live super close by to us in the same stake. 

We aren't the best at this blogging thing, but indeed we try. And we're happy about that. :)

By the way, we wish you a very happy cheeseburger day this past week! Becca has found that she likes a good burger!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time Flies

Wow! Time. Is. Flying. It's a strange feeling... Almost like we're about to leap into a dream. Either that, or perhaps we've been living in a dream for our whole marriage, and we're now bounding into real life.

Jameson and I were married on December 30th, 2011. It's been four months! That's no time, right? We've officially known each other for eight, but I would swear to you, on my favorite dog's grave, that I've known him for eternity. Cheesy, cheesy, mushy, mushy, I know, but it's true! I know I've known him forever. But moving on... We've been having a fantastic time, being silly 20 and 22 year olds, living in Twin Falls, spending time with our families, working, and going to school. Honestly, we have So. Much. Fun!

Withing the next week, Jameson and I will leap into new adventures. We graduate this week from the College of Southern Idaho. We travel to Salt Lake for Clogging Nationals, I'm competing again:) After Nationals, we have a Monday to finish deep cleaning our current apartment, then off we fly! To Hawaii. I'm confindent that Hawaii is the adventure that will feel like a dream. We'll work and live there for the Summer. When late August makes its way around, we'll be flying to Pocatello for school. After Pocatello, go where ever the Lord guides us. Medical School for Jameson is the plan.

Honestly, Time. Is. Flying. It's a strange feeling... Almost like we're about to leap into a dream. Perhaps we've already been dreaming, and it's all about to become more elaborate.

Wether it's a dream or the real deal, We'll coninue having a splendid time. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jameson and Becca

Welcome! To our new blog. It's titled Jameson and Becca, but I might blog the most... Until next time ;)