Friday, September 21, 2012

Well, We Try...

So Becca and I maybe missed a few months, that's fine! We're still married and that's all that matters. We no longer live in Hawaii, but now Pocatello. We swapped the palm tress for a few million sagebrush, and baby, it's never been more beautiful. Hawaii was amazing! Hard to describe living in Hawaii for three months other than that...amazing. However, Idaho is where it's all about! Living in different places around the world, has led me to that conclusion. And that's only for Becca and I; can't say Idaho is the same for everyone else.

First Day of School!

We both are attending Idaho State University. Yes, that's right, we're bengals. We might not beat you in basketball or football, but we'll kick your tooshy in a Cotton Eye Joe square-dance off any day of the week! Yep, I mean that song that was voted one of the worst songs ever by VH1. Becca is Music Education major, her instrument is voice. I am studying Business Management with the sights on medical school for now. Becca recently got a job at Cold Stone Creamery, and I am still looking. Our ward here is great, the Meadowbrook ward, Pocatello North stake. My brother Jake, his wife, Lacie, and their twin, Sofia and Lukas, live super close by to us in the same stake. 

We aren't the best at this blogging thing, but indeed we try. And we're happy about that. :)

By the way, we wish you a very happy cheeseburger day this past week! Becca has found that she likes a good burger!