Friday, December 21, 2012

Nickname Memories by Becca

Listening to my Bill Cosby  radio station (it plays comedy clips) on Pandora has brought a few memories to mind... I remember early morning seminary my sophomore year (or was it my junior?) year of high school. We were going through names. Brother ______(I forgot his name!) had asked me my name and asked me my name, and wrote it on the board for some reason. I said, quite seriously, "Oh! I'm sorry... It's not spelled like that (Becca)." Brother ____, "Oh, is there a K in it? K-A-H?"
""No, it's weird, but there's a silent Q. B-E-C-C-Q-U-A" He was a really gullible man, he apologized, "OH! Sorry." and believed me for about twenty minutes. Then I told him the truth. :)
It was prettttty funny. The funnier thing, is that the story spread, and from that day forward, I had people calling me Beccqua. I still have people who call and say, "Beccqua! How are you??"

I also remember talking with my friends Jeni, Andy and Michael. For some reason, this group of friends would regularly call me Becca Lynn. One day, they asked, "So.. What is your middle name?" I said, "It's Ann." "Hmm...Yeah. Lynn really just sounds better." So Becca Lynn it was. THEY still call me Becca Lynn too.

Funny memories. Seriously, I am so blessed to have had such splendid friends in my days.
...Especially my bff Jameson. :) He's pretty solid.