Thursday, June 27, 2013

The best water slide trick ever :) :)

Have I told you, that I love my husband? :) Jameson is seriously my best friend. 

Mary, my sister, asked me, "So... what do you and Jameson do for fun together?"

I gave her this list:

Fun together: 
-Go Camping
-Watch Merlin, the British Series about Prince Arthur and Merlin
-Go Running
-Go on walks
-Mini Golf
-Snow Boarding
-Attend the Temple
-Camp Fires
-Drive and look at big pretty houses
-Go to pet stores and hold the puppies
-Camp Fire (smore's, hotdogs, foil dinners, foil desserts)
-Find new places to eat {Like Tom's Burgers and Gyro's}
-Play games with friends
-Watch Basketball. if we have to. #thankgoodnessplayoffsareover
-Go window shopping (or thrift shops, or garage sales, or just regular stores)
-Play Rock Paper Scissors
-Play with our cute nieces and nephews
-Dance party in the kitchen when I should be doing dishes

To Do This Summer:
-Mountain Bike
-Hot Springs
-Visit people/places (Redfish, Island Park, SLC, Yellowstone) 
-Fly Kites
-Tie Dye
-Deleta Skating Rink
-Real Backpacking trip

We have so many good times together. Last night, we went swimming at Ross Park Aquatic Complex for only $3.00 each! (Monday and Wednesday nights special.)
We started out in the lazy river... I LOVE lazy rivers... but it was a little too slow for Jamo.
We then went down the slide. It was giant, and green. and... kind of slow. Later, after swimming in the deep end, we played a game we learned in Hawaii from our friends, "Hold your breath and swim under each other's legs and DON'T touch them." We saw how far we could swim, and we laughed a lot. It may not sound like a lot of fun with just two people, but it was. You should have been there. Especially Benny. Benny, you would've had a blast!

Okay, blah blah blah. We went swimming and had so much fun, but let me tell you about the REALLY great part.

I liked the slide, Jameson, not so much. I talked him into going on it again. We were waiting in line, and Jamo heard a little kid say, "I'm going to go down sitting on my hands!" and he tried it. I didn't hear this trick, and went so slow, I could have practically climbed back up. He was finished and his eyes were wide full of excitement. "You. Have. To. try that!!!" He explained, and I practically ran up the stairs. This time, I sat on my hands, backs under my bottom, palms on the slide, and I have NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN on a water slide! Holy smokes! I probably went eighty miles an hour! {#exaggeration} Seriously! It was SO Fast! I was like a bullet shooting out at the end! I will never look at a water slide the same, ever.

I want to be clear: it's not nearly as much about what we do together, as much it is about the quality time, and communicating. We talk, and joke, we get to know who the other is more and more. These things we do don't matter nearly as much as how we love and laugh and treat each other, strengthening our bond. 
I love summer, because we have more time to focus. Focus on our love, our relationship, our communication. 
I can't wait for the rest of this season. I'll definitely try some new slides, and get to spend more time with my bff, Jameson. :) We like each other, a lot.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! Good relationships are amazing things. So glad that you are married to your very best friend.